Who We Are

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The Manheim Central School District Student Loan Fund Association (Manheim Central Student Loan Fund or MCSLF), founded in November 1957, is a non-profit community organization which provides low interest loans for Manheim Central High School graduates* who would like to pursue further education.

We have no employees, and the MCSLF is administered by an eleven member volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of local business leaders, current and former Manheim Central faculty and administrators all of whom have a passion to see Manheim Central students and graduates succeed in their careers and chosen fields of endeavors.

*graduation ANY YEAR qualifies a person for a loan, not just the most recent graduation year.

What is our record?

Since our establishment approximately 67 years ago, we have never lost a cent! In other words, every dollar we have lent to students has been repaid. As you know, many student loan programs are faced with record numbers of defaults and lost dollars. MCSLF’s perfect record is the envy of many other student loan funds. In addition, there are no employees. We are entirely a volunteer board of directors and with the generosity of local Manheim business and contributors, our annual operating expenses are minimal, by any measure.

How large is our program?

Thanks to increased local contributions and estate gifts, our assets have grown dramatically over the past decade. MCSLF annually distributes approximately $350,000 to Manheim Central High School students to further their education through college or vocational training. MCSLF currently has approximately $1.7 million in assets comprised entirely of student loans or cash restricted for use as student loans. MCSLF currently has approximately 215 active borrowers (greater than one entire “class” at Manheim Central). Since MCSLF’s inception in 1957, we have granted approximately $6.9 million ($6,900,000) in student loans to greater than 1000 Manheim Central High School graduates.

With increasing higher education (colleges, technical and trade schools, etc.) costs and declining sources of financing to pay these costs, we are receiving increasing number of applicants each year but based on current funding our ability to issue new loans remains static. While we receive notes and words of thanks and appreciation from borrowers and parents for providing loans, the MCSLF Board desires to provide even more loans to students. Annually, we distribute approximately $350,000 to students pursuing further education after graduating from Manheim Central.

To address the challenges facing Manheim Central School District graduates, the MCSLF increased the annual and maximum loans by 60% to $4,000 and $16,000, respectively, in 2020.

The more money contributed by generous supporters and businesses, the more loans we can grant to deserving Manheim Central graduates.

How we raise funds…

We are a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and all contributions to us are tax deductible.

We have the wonderful people and businesses of the Manheim area to thank for our financial growth. Individual contributions are made, including a growing number of estate bequests.

A special way to contribute to MCSLF is through memorial gifts as a lasting tribute. Donations of money or other assets such as stocks, bonds, etc. are also greatly appreciated. By including MCSLF in your estate planning, you can leave a legacy, with exponential impact on future generations of local students! Young and Young Attorneys have generously indicated that they will not charge for their services in preparing your will, if you include the MCSLF at established minimum threshold ($10,000) in your estate planning.

When you make a contribution to MCSLF, you are not just helping a single student but multiple students since your contribution is lent, repaid then lent again in a repeating cycle.

We received generous bequests from the estates of Clayton and Esther Myer, Jack Flick, Ethel Good, Ada Showers, Al Shenk, Catherine Eitnier and Dr. Charles Laughton in honor of his wife, Margaret (Molly).

Since our founding, the Manheim Auto Auction has been a major contributor through contributions of approximately $250,000 and Manheim Rotary Club has raised over $160,000 from the business community for the MCSLF. The Manheim Ministerial Association has donated its yearly Baccalaureate collections. Our most faithful donors contributing every year have been the Nearly Nu Thrift Shop, Women’s Club of Manheim, Germania Band Club of Manheim, Manheim Sertoma Club, and the former H.C. Burgard Parent Teach Organization (PTO), all of which have contributed thousands of dollars to help Manheim Central students.

Contributions to support Manheim Central High School graduates continuing education through the MCSLF are FULLY TAX-DUDUCTIBLE and can be made by sending a check through the US Postal Service.

Manheim Central Student Loan Fund
PO Box 521, Manheim, PA 17545

Our Volunteer Board of Directors

Nathan Campbell, Board, President (MC High School Spanish Teacher & World Languages Department Chairman)
John Phillips, Board Vice President (DDMP Investment Advisor, LLC Partner)
Scott Moyer
, Board Treasurer (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Managing Director)
Tim Bruckhart, Board Assistant Treasurer (Truist Financial Corporation Commercial Lending)
Renee Kowalchik, Board Secretary (former MC School Teacher and Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc.)

Corby Burkholder (Manheim Brethren In Christ Lead Youth Pastor)
Jason Hondru
(Hondru Auto Group Owner)
Ruth Iosue
(MC High School Teacher)
Robert Kreider
(MC High School Teacher)
Steven Young Esq.
(Young and Young Attorneys at Law Partner)
Claudia Zug (Zug Family Dentistry Office Manager)

John Blanck, Board Emeritus (Served 46 Years)
Dennis Denenberg, Board Emeritus (Served 46 Years)
Seth Kensinger, Board Emeritus (Served 21 Years)
Bea Kreiner, Board Emeritus in Memoriam (Served 26 Years)
Mark Nestleroth, Board Emeritus (Served 29 Years)
Larry Sauder, Board Emeritus (Served 31 Years)
Don Shelly, Board Emeritus (Served 39 Years)


Copies of our interim and annual financial statements are available upon request.  In addition, copies our annual Form 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service is available upon request.